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How to search contents in mdpathyqa?

How to search contents in mdpathyqa?

To search contents in mdpathyqa, you can follow these steps:

  1. Use the Search Bar: Go to the top search bar. Enter keywords related to the topic you’re looking for, and then we may display relevant questions and answers.
  2. Advanced Search Filters: Use our advanced search options that allow you to narrow down your search using filters like questions, answers, posts, comments, groups, users, topics, subjects, tabs, etc.
  3. Topics and Subjects: Browse through topics or subjects that are relevant to your topic. This can help you find specific sections related to your query.
  4. Read Titles and Summaries: Scan through the titles and summaries of questions to quickly identify if they match your search.
  5. Sort by Relevance or Like: We allow you to sort search results by relevance or the number of like. Sorting by votes can help you find popular and well-received answers.
  6. Use Quotation Marks: If you’re looking for an exact phrase, put it in quotation marks to search for those specific words together.
  7. User Profiles: Check out user profiles who are experts in the topic you’re interested in. They might have answered similar questions before.
  8. Follow: If you find a particularly helpful answer, you can follow it for future reference.
  9. Ask a New Question: If you can’t find the exact information you’re looking for, consider asking a new question on the website to get answers tailored to your specific needs.
  10. From the menu: In the left menu you can easily access our many tabs.
  11. Make follow to users, subjects, topics & answers. so you can easily aces the contents.
  12. During question title edit in question making form, our system automatic show you suggestions for you. It show your questions, if your question may previously present in our database.
  13. For go topics index, you should go the topics index option from left side menu.

mdpathyqa a product of:

  1. mdpathy.com
  2. microdoshomoeo.com
  3. Dr. Md. Shahriar Kabir


Dr Md shahriar kabir

Dr Md shahriar kabir

Homeopath; B H M S; MPH Lecturer; Chronic Disease case taking & Repertory Govt. Homeopathic Medical college Mirpur 14; Dhaka1206

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