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How to use mdpathyqa ?

After free user registration: 1. Setup your profile from our menu. 2. Follow the community from our community option of the menu. 3. Follow users from our user option of the menu. 4. Follow Tags from our tags option of ...

How to post an article in mdpathyqa?

For post your valuable article. please go: 1. Add a new post or Add articles from the left side menu. 2. Give your post title. 3. Select category. Now we support the following category: a) homeopathy b)miasma c) case analysis ...

How to make a question in mdpathyqa?

To make a question in mdpathyqa. First, go to ask the question option. than 1. Give a question title. 2. Select category. Now we support the following category. a) Homeopathy b)Miasma c) Case taking d) Materia medica e) Organon f) ...

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