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Updates in October 2022

Updates in October 2022

New options:

  1. With a beautiful home page & others.
  2. Multi subjects for questions.
  3. Beautiful profile.
  4. Change date formats to ago.
  5. THUMB options.
  6. New questions & answers look.
  7. Topics database page added.
  8. New options to show the related question or posts.
  9. New option to delete the old notifications and activities and choose which time or type you wants to delete.
  10. Notification or message in profile.
  11. Mentioned in comments & answers.
  12. New subject Research Methodology.


  1. Improve subjects, topics, and question search options.
  2. More topics in listed.
  3. Improve SEO & internal topics co-relations.
  4. Rearranged menu.
  5. Internal search engine.
  6. Speed & stabilities.
  7. Many more BUG’S FIXED.


  1. Questions: 1601
  2. Answers: 656
  3. Subjects: 38
  4. Topics: 608
Dr Md shahriar kabir

Dr Md shahriar kabir

Homeopath; B H M S; MPH Lecturer; Chronic Disease case taking & Repertory Govt. Homeopathic Medical college Mirpur 14; Dhaka1206

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